Thursday, June 17, 2010

Baked Potatoes.....In the crock pot!

YES, you can cook potatoes in a crock pot!!

**Do you feel like baked potatoes, but don't want to turn on your oven. You can wrap them up and just place them in the crock pot. I fold them up and put the bulk of the foil on the bottom so that it isn't sitting directly on the crock pot pan. I was afraid that it may make the potato hard on the bottom if it sat there that long. Whether it does or not, I don't know. I put the crock pot on high, and went to my daughters soccer game for a couple hours and came back and the potatoes were all ready to eat.**

**OR my favorite way, but it requires the oven, is to rub them in olive oil, and sprinkle a nice course salt all around them like Kosher salt and place them on a baking sheet and bake in the oven. It creates a yummy tasting skin.**

**I wish I could give you guys an exact timing for cooking but I can't. I didn't pay attention, and some times I just do things and then realize later that I could have blogged that. Next time I do it I will make sure to time it.**


Kathryn said...

Can you layer potatoes in the crock pot or do they need to be in there in a single layer?

Could you rub the potatoes with olive oil & sprinkle with coarse salt before you put them in the foil & then in the crock pot?

(Can you tell I'm avoiding my oven this summer??)

Janis said...

You can layer them. That is what I do too. I suppose you could olive oil and salt them and then place them in the crock pot also. I probably would not foil them then. Maybe just crumble up some foil to create a barrier on the bottom or something to place the potatoes on and then let them cook. The only difference I really see is that the outside won't get as crispy.


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