Saturday, November 20, 2010

Our Weekly Meal Plan: Nov. 21 - 27

This week will include Thanksgiving (YAY! My favorite!). We'll be cooking more turkey than we need to shred & cube & freeze for future meals.

SUNDAY: Cheesy Baked Shells w/Polska Kielbasa & Broccoli, green beans, rolls
MONDAY: Creamed Tuna over Rice, peas & corn
TUESDAY: Spaghetti & Meatballs, green salad & garlic bread
WEDNESDAY: Leftovers & "Serve Yourself" - to make sure the fridge is empty & ready for Thanksgiving leftovers
THURSDAY: THANKSGIVING - turkey & all the trimmings
FRIDAY: Turkey-Bacon-Avocado Sandwiches on ciabatta bread
SATURDAY: Turkey-Noodle Soup, french bread

FREEZER: Polska Kielbasa, ground turkey, bacon, peas & corn
PANTRY: Baked Shells ingredients, Creamed Tuna ingredients, meatball ingredients, soup ingredients
FRIDGE: cheese, milk, eggs, misc ingredients, fresh green beans, red onion & lettuce
GROCERY: rolls, french bread, ciabatta, avocado


Turkey-Bacon-Avocado Sandwiches on Ciabatta
Use leftover turkey, cooked bacon & sliced avocado on sliced ciabatta bread. Trim with fresh lettuce, thinly sliced red onion, and a 1-1 mixture of your favorite mayo & spicy mustard. SO yummy!

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