Friday, March 18, 2011

Ice Cream - Sugar Cookie Sandwiches

These were so fun!! It's our surprise dessert for St. Patrick's Day. I snuck into my daughter's leprechaun trap, took out the chocolate "bait", and left a note from Mr. Leprechaun. The note read: "Thanks for the treasure! I left one for you in the freezer!" It was a big hit!

Obviously you can make these with any cookie & any ice cream. They came together in less than 5 minutes and were enjoyed for much longer. Totally worth the minimal effort! Whip some up this afternoon!

Ice Cream - Sugar Cookie Sandwiches

Your favorite sugar cookies - store bought or homemade
A complimentary ice cream - softened slightly (I left mine out on the counter for about 5 minutes & it was perfect)

  • Set out a cookie sheet covered with wax paper. Make room in your freezer for the cookie sheet to lay flat (so the sandwiches won't slide)

  • Place a scoop of ice cream on one cookie. Gently smoosh another cookie on top.

  • Use your fingers or a small spatula to smooth the sides & press ice cream into all the open spots.
  • Hold the sandwiches by 2 fingers, only touching the cookies. Sprinkle your favorite sprinkles around the edges.
  • Place the finished ice cream sandwiches on the wax papered cookie sheet.
  • When finished, carefully move the cookie sheet into the freezer to lay flat. Allow ice cream sandwiches to set-up/harden for at least 1 hour.


This is a very kid-friendly project. If they're older, they can do the whole thing. If they're younger, they can put the 2nd cookie on top & move the finished product to the cookie sheet. They can even put the sprinkles on. Get 'em cooking too! :)

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