Saturday, February 4, 2012

Mom's Fried Rice

**I have such a hard time typing up my moms recipes, because she is such a "dump cook." So, I kind of cook that way too. My measurements are not exact, but they are close.** My mom always made this with the Egg Rolls, or the Sweet n Sour chicken.**

Fried Rice
3 cups cooked rice
1 lb bacon, cooked and crumbled. (Reserve bacon grease in skillet)
4-5 eggs
Lawry's Onion Salt
Peas (optional)
Green onion (optional)

Cook the bacon in a skillet. Set aside on paper towel to drain grease. Crumble bacon after it has cooled off. Set aside.

You may remove some of the bacon grease, but then, over medium-high heat, heat the grease and pan drippings back up. Add the rice to the pan drippings. At this point, if you like peas in your fried rice, add them too. Let it cook until heated through.

My mom then used to move all the rice to the outer edges of the skillet and cook the egg in the middle of the skillet and then incorporate it into the rice after they were fully cooked. I'm not very good at this, as my eggs always stick. So, I just scramble my eggs in a seperate smaller skillet and then add them to the rice mixture. Add the bacon also at this time and the optional green onion. Sprinkle Lawry's onion salt until the taste is how you would like it.

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